Friday, April 26, 2013

Number 1356: Sam Hill's Double Trouble

Sam Hill, Private Eye was a short-lived series from Archie Comics. Sam, a bow-tie wearing keyhole-peeper, was a smartass, wise-cracking, two-fisted private eye in the tradition of the time. Sam had the advantage of being drawn by Harry Lucey, who was one of Archie’s top artists. He showed with this series he could draw more than teenage hijinks. He could draw just as sexy and as action-packed as the genre required.

This story, “The Double Trouble Caper,” is from Sam Hill #1 (1950).

In 2011 I showed another story starring Sam Hill. Click the cover pic to see it.

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Brian Barnes said...

One interesting thing about these noir stories is how our hero is pretty much sweep up by circumstances until the big reveal (and even then, he's passive, his secretary needs to save him.)

The text is overwrought but never grows old. A bit predictable but a fun read, especially if you imagine every line is a double entendre!