Monday, April 15, 2013

Number 1350: “Love me the way I am, baby!”

Here’s another love story/cautionary tale. You young women listen up. Pappy’s wisdom — learned from decades of reading comic books, with a little personal experience thrown in — is yours for the taking.

1. If you are given a choice between a dull good guy and a flashy bad guy choose the bad guy. After all, when he’s done with you then the chump you dumped, and who has steadfastly loved you since, will still be there to sweep you into his dull but manly arms and you will be happy forever.

2. Do not go driving with a guy who has been drinking. Not much else needs to be said about that.

From Love Journal #16 (1952), drawn by Mort Leav:


Brian Barnes said...

As much as they were marketed to women, they seem so ... anti-women. And I can't be sure it was meant that way, but it's hard not to come to that conclusion.

So many of these come down to "if you are a women, don't chase excitement and fun, it will lead to disaster." Yes, it's a different time, but that attitude actually makes it a fun read!

There's some great head shots in here, and especially the haughty face panel on the last page.

How many of these were written by the dull, nice guys? I suspect most all of them :)

Pappy said...

Brian, your points are well taken. Thanks for the assessment.

And excitement and fun does lead to disaster, Brian! Just look at me...a ruined man after a lifetime of excitement and fun. I should've chosen the life of a dull, nice guy. Maybe I wouldn't live any longer, but it would seem longer.

Darci said...

Brian, Pappy,
Orbit Publications was co-owned by Ray Herman (aka Rae Herman, aka Ruth Herman) and Marjorie May. Ray is listed (in Jerry Bails Who's Who) as the writer for many of their romance and western stories. Mort Leav was their art director 1946-1954.

Pappy said...

Darci, thanks for clearing up the variant spellings of Rae/Ray Herman. I knew Rae was a woman, and thought her name was being misspelled by those assuming her to be male.

I think Orbit had a pretty classy output; they didn't put out a lot of comics, but with artists like the two Morts (Leav and Lawrence), they had some very good artwork.