Friday, July 01, 2011

Number 974

Axle and Cam

If you haven't gotten a copy of Craig Yoe's Popeye book, then I recommend you buy one through Yoe Books,, Bud Plant, or your favorite fine book outlet. Yoe's excellent book is a tribute to Forrest "Bud" Sagendorf, who drew the Popeye comic strip and comic book adventures for several decades.

"Axle and Cam," father-and-son robots on Planet Meco, was the backup feature for six issues of Dell's Popeye comic book, from issue #26 in 1953 to #32 in 1955.

The well drawn strips are full of gags about robots. Maybe that's why "Axle and Cam" only lasted six issues. There really are not a limitless amount of jokes that can be told about robots, but what jokes there are Sagendorf told well.

These three strips are from Popeye #26, #27, and #30, respectively.

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