Sunday, December 20, 2009

Number 652


Way back in October 2008 I showed you the lead story from Sparky Watts #6. I promised I'd show you the two back up stories "one of these days." Today is one of these days! I'm sometimes slow at getting back to my promises.

We have featured Boody Rogers in Pappy's 17 times, covering Sparky Watts, Babe and Dudley. Go to the search engine in the upper left corner, type in Boody Rogers, or just click on the name Boody Rogers in the link under this posting to see what else we've had.

From Sparky Watts #6, 1947:

Check out this video from Tymime, an audio comic book based on the story "Santa Claus In Trouble" using the scans from Pappy's #426. Thanks, Tymime! I'd love to see any future productions.


Lysdexicuss said...

I love this idea~ of taking old comics and adding audio in visual sequence. All the Marvel characters got similar treatments in the mid-60's, using Kirby work. I think 'Amateur' renditions of ALL Golden Age comics will catch on~ and there will be a wave of them in the future. Great work TYM~!


That's why they don't make atomic pellets in chocolate flavor anymore.

Those Boody stories are a whole bunches of fun.

Pappy's is the greatest blog EVER!

Peter Bernard said...

Those were the days when cartoonists were cartoonists, and the women loved them for it (except the women cartoonists, I guess).

Martin said...


I got a sense of deja vu when I started reading these, Pappy. Seems you already posted them back in March (Post 481), so you're not as tardy at keeping your promises as you thought.

tymime said...

I'm so grateful that you posted this to your blog, Pappy. Old comics deserve more attention and I hope that this way more people can appreciate them.