Sunday, December 27, 2009

Number 656

Amazon killers!

Hope you all had a nice Christmas. I don't know about you but it's nice to get it over with. Now that I have all my presents I can stop being nice to people.

No, really. I lie. I like to be nice. I like to show you stories you might not otherwise see. My presents to you.

This last Sunday of 2009 we have a Blackhawk story from 1952, "The Root of Evil." The cover of this issue, #51, has the blurb, "Wild-Eyed Killers of the Amazon!" The art is said by the Grand Comics Database to be by Bill Ward, but the inking doesn't look to be his. It's heavy, nearly blobbing out the beautiful girl, but lucky for us, not quite.


Chuck Wells said...

Pappy, you have no idea how large a stack of this particular era of Blackhawk issues that I covet.

I just don't want to pay the price required to achieve that lofty goal. Thanks for posting this.

It helps ease the hurt.

HEH said...

I'd like to see more Blackhawk from this era, please!
The Showcase Presents stinks. The art is very nice, but the stories are really no fun to me

Prof. Grewbeard said...

i can't possibly understand or defend my love of Blackhawk comics, but i do love 'em. might be the recurring brunettes in red dresses, though. and the leather.