Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Number 574

Dudley and the Dumb Belles

Boody Rogers' Dudley returns in his self-titled second issue, from 1950. Dudley was Prize Comics' attempt to get in on the teenage comics market, but Dudley was up against a formidable rival, Archie, and the Boody Rogers comic — which I think is one of the better comics using the formula —was canceled after only three issues.

In this episode Dudley lines up some girls to tutor. Ha-ha. So that's what they call it, eh? I should've thought of that when I was in high school. But then, Dudley's intentions are more pure than mine would have been.

If you want to see more of Dudley, go to the search box in the upper left corner of this screen and type in his name. Better yet, if you're new to Pappy's, type in Boody Rogers for stories about his characters Sparky Watts and Babe, also.


Bhob said...
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Bhob said...

I read Boody's autobiography. It has almost nothing about comic books or comic strips. Wonder why?

Bhob @ Potrzebie

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Gene Phillips said...

Great story, Captain.

Personally I want to see more of BABE (so to speak), but DUDLEY's fine stuff too.

Considering the influence of ARCHIE I'm impressed that there were a fair number of stylistic approaches that artists took toward the visuals of teencomics, even if the stories were all the same.

Pappy said...

Bhob, that's what I've heard from other sources about his book, Homeless Bound, also. Nothing about his comics work, which is why many people would want to read his autobiography.