Friday, July 24, 2009

Number 563

Space Falcon and the Pirates of the Stratosphere

Here is the third story from the one-shot Captain Rocket, a Canadian comic book from 1951.

It's well-illustrated, but the silly costumes, as usual, crack me up. I especially like the open-shirted look of Tubby. Say, this isn't Tubby Tompkins of Little Lulu fame grown up, is it?

Futuristic fashions notwithstanding this has robots, and I love a story with robots.

The first two stories from this science fiction comic can be found in Pappy's #517 and Pappy's #533.

2 comments: said...

Just can't trust those space-dames!

=link said...

Ooo, watch out for them space chicks! I wrote a graphic novel entitled, "Spacechicks and Businessmen". I think Fantagraphics still carries it. -heh- it never sold very well so they have oodles of copies. Like I say, yuh gotta watch out! In any event, I love yr blog like there's no tomorrow!!! Thank you ever so much! =link