Monday, July 06, 2009

Number 553

Where Lorna goes trouble follows...

Man, Lorna the Jungle Girl's bf, Greg, is really a jerk! He's always putting her down and the problem is she lets him. You'd think with her skills, i.e., killing animals, reptiles, dangerous-type critters, he'd be grateful. But no, he just walks through the jungle like he's taking a walk to the corner 7-Eleven. No danger of being attacked by crocodiles or lions because he's got Überbabe to take care of his sorry male chauvinist ass. What I'd like to see sometime is for Lorna to jump into the hammock, put her shapely legs up and say, "Greg, I'm gonna take a nap. Why don't you go out and do the jungle thing today." I'll bet he'd be crawling on all fours to get her back taking care of him. I mean, he doesn't appreciate what he's got. If I had a long-legged, bazoomy blond Amazon like Lorna looking out for me I'd be happy. Very, very happy.

From Lorna the Jungle Girl #7, 1954. Story by Don Rico, art by Werner Roth.


Chuck Wells said...

Ah, Lorna! If only I had more of your comics, darlin',you and me would seriously get along.

Unknown said...

And as I was saying...Lorna is strong....takes Greg up with one arm...moves fast carrying him and at the end of it isn't even breathing hard. Shes one tough Woman!