Monday, September 29, 2008

Number 387

Let's have a cheer for ol' P.U.

The college football season has been upon us for a few weeks, and like a lot of fans I'm following my team's progress. Of course the guys on my college football team aren't like these football players from Crazy #3, 1953. They wouldn't accept money or favors for being spoiled, pampered, coddled football stars. Oh, noooooo, I'm sure that isn't happening on my team.

The story is drawn by Joe Maneely. Following up is a 3-pager by, I believe, Howie Post. Yesterday I guessed the artists of two Fiction House stories, and today I'm guessing again. Whatever, the artwork on both stories depends a lot on penwork, one of the trademarks of both Maneely and Post.

After the stories check out another comic artist mystery.

This past weekend I found a 78 RPM record album with a cover signed "Sinnott". The copyright date on the album is 1948.

 According to a biography, Joe Sinnott was attending school at the time and assisting Tom Gill on Western stories. He began soloing at Atlas in 1950. I'm leaning toward this artwork as being "our" Joe Sinnott based on the signature. The capital "s", the tilt of the lettering and curvature of the signature is the giveaway for me. The top example of his signature is from a 1956 comic book story, and the bottom is enlarged from the album cover.


Marc Burkhardt said...

Cool stuff as always, and I love the appearance of non-comics work by Joe Sinnott! Stuff like that is always a treat!!

Vince M said...

Oh my God, that Sinnott piece is beautiful. Makes me wonder what kind of designs we would have gotten from him had he not decided to "slum" in comics. No kidding this design is great. Just as good, if not better than anything else being produced for records at the time.

Mr. Karswell said...

Hmmm, you sure about those signatures matching up? It's an interesting comparison, and if it is Joe then brother you got a better eye than me!

BANG! was awesome. I need to pick up more of these Crazy issues too.

Unknown said...

Given that Joe Sinnott only entered art school in Winter '48 (see interview in Alter Ego #36), I'd guess that this album art wasn't his. How many art students land LP cover art in their first year at art school? And the style - as admirable as it is - has all sorts of elements that match little or nothing in Joe Sinnott's style.

Pappy said...

OK, thanks for the opinions. The art doesn't match up with Sinnott's later work in comics, but an art student wouldn't just be drawing comics. As for the signatures, I thought they were close enough. Not exact, but in style. Al Feldstein did some children's record covers right after his military service, so it wasn't unheard of for future comic book artists to have done commercial jobs like these.

While exciting to think I've found an example from the salad days of a great comic artist, I don't know for sure that this cover is by Joe Sinnott, so if someone knows Joe please ask him.