Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Number 380

Couples therapy

Here are a couple of stories about couples, by a couple of art teams.

Ross Andru and Mike Esposito spent most of their careers as partners, Andru penciling and Esposito inking. "One Man's Poison" is from Mysterious Adventures #17, 1953, and is about a married couple who just love visitors. Recently Hairy Green Eyeball showed a story from Andru and Esposito's Get Lost, a Mad imitation from 1954.

The second story is by another comics team, Edwin Goldfarb and Bob Baer, who had work all over the place during that time period. Their couple in "Paralyzed" is a standard married couple from the horror comics: one partner cheating and the other choosing murder instead of divorce.


Unknown said...

"Delicious" stories! Andru and Esposito have been faves of mine since I was a kid, but back then I didn't know the names just the art.

Great find.

bazarov said...

Wow! Both stories were fantastic, and I especially love the last panel of Goldfarb and Baer's; that is pre-code artwork at its most gruesome!

As always, thanks for sharing these with us Pappy.

bazarov said...
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Marc Burkhardt said...

Always great to see Andru and Esposito art. One of the great teams in comics.

As for the second story, even though I saw the ending coming a mile away that final image was still shocking.

Good stuff.

Vince M said...

Great stuff!
Keep 'em comin', Pappy!

Anonymous said...

Loved those two - especially the old cute vampire couple, that one was really different!

Pappy said...

I like these stories but they seem derivative, a mix of horror stories, mostly swiped from EC Comics. To Story Comics' credit, they did a good job with their swiping.

Pappy said...

Here's the lead story from Mysterious Adventures #17, Bug-A-Boo! by the great Doug Wildey.

Unknown said...

Both awesome, although I feel like a sick bastard for enjoying the ending of the second one. Frieda's stumps remind me of the rear of an old red Matchbox car.