Friday, September 19, 2008

Number 381

Congo Bill and the Pirates

Another year gone by, and another Talk Like A Pirate Day upon us. Yo ho, mateys! Hope your roger is jolly, your plank is being walked and your poopdeck isn't pooped.

For a double dose of piracy and horror today visit The Horrors Of It All.

This Congo Bill story is by writer George Kashdan, and is drawn by the wonderful Fred (Tomahawk) Ray. It comes from Action Comics #106, March 1947. It's one of those "Was it a dream? Here's something that proves it wasn't!" stories. That ending worked over a hundred years ago, but we've seen it too many times since. At least the artwork by Ray lifts it out of the mundane. I've also included an in-house ad.


Chuck Wells said...

I checked this out today Pappy and noticed the similar posts by Karswell & Mr. Door Tree, so I posted some pirate gals over at my blog as a lure to send the unwary traveler your way.

Land ho'!

Unknown said...

Wow, I'm not familiar with Fred Ray, but I dig this guy's work! Beautiful, scratchy lines, and I never realized before that Congo Bill was supposed to be played by Clark Gable.

So, the pirate togs that Bill gave Maria look rather like a dress to me. I guess Bill's dreams can't really permit a beautiful woman to wear drag.

Daniel [] said...

Wait. Wait. Where was the Hangman?

Pappy said..., go here.

Chuck, it looks like more than a couple of us had the same idea about posting pirate stories today. That's fun!