Monday, September 01, 2008

Number 371

Carried down to the fiery depths of hades

Horror comics got away with a lot visually, but not so much verbally. Here a guy is carried down to comic book hell, called hades. In comics you could also go to blazes, not hell, be blasted, not damned. I think it's quaint that language was cleaned up when horror comics could be full of ultra-gruesome drawings, murder themes, and plots based on sex. All adult stuff, but the language had to be clean. Amazing.

Where was I? Oh yeah. There is actually a story here. "Mastodon Menace" is from Ace Comics' Web Of Mystery #13 (1952). Art is credited to Bill Molno.

This completes my postings from this issue. If you go down to the labels at the bottom of this posting and click on Web Of Mystery you'll call up the other three stories from the issue.


Mr. Karswell said...

Well it was nice of the vultures to leave him his eyes at least. All the vultures I know jump on those tasty morsels first.

Mr. Cavin said...

They just filled the eye-bottles back up with plain water and daddy never knew the difference.

Excellent story Pappy. I love the intro scene. The whole red club interior slash dancer attacks face with mouth-razor thing really grabbed my attention. I swear, of all the comics stories in all the funnybooks in the world, it's the stuff that happens in the gin joints (especially the voodoo-themed dance hall types) that I love the very most.