Sunday, December 15, 2013

Number 1490: Gene Colan's Marvelous Marvel Tales

Gene Colan was a longtime comic book pro, and especially popular during his time with Marvel Comics on titles like Tomb Of Dracula, among several others. Colan came into the field as a young artist right after World War II, and worked for both DC and Timely/Atlas/Marvel before settling in during the sixties for a long run at Marvel. The stories I have today, from pre-Code issues of Marvel Tales (1953-55) show that his distinctive style was present even before he drew superheroes like Daredevil or Batman.

Colan died at age 84 in 2011. “When a World Went Mad” is from Marvel Tales #118, “Vampires Also Die” is from #127. and “While Death Waits” appeared in #131.

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Brian Barnes said...

The art is great, especially the vampire family story, the right mix of cartoon-y and realistic for a story of that type.

As with Atlas, the journey to the punch ending is almost always worth it, but the first two stories really don't play fair, there's two "as it turns out" endings which aren't very satisfying.

The last story is great, though. Especially the ending framing of the murderer in the light. Developed right without any additional unknown elements intruding. And, obviously, great art.