Monday, December 02, 2013

Number 1483: The Moon-Struck Unicorn by George Carlson

It’s been a long time since I showed anything by cartoonist/illustrator George Carlson, and it’s time to make amends with a couple more zany tales from the master. Carlson, as I’ve mentioned before in this blog, was an old-timer, a cartoonist like Ed Wheelan, drawing funny pictures many years before comic books were invented.

During the run of Jingle Jangle Comics Carlson usually contributed two stories per issue. In this issue, #13 (1945), he gives us a moon-struck unicorn with a worn-out shadow, and another short story of his Pie-Face Prince of Pretzleburg.

After you read the stories I have links to two other posts featuring Carlson.


Click on the pictures for more Carlson craziness. These are from Jingle Jangle Comics #'s 7 and 13 respectively:


Mike Baehr said...

You know Fantagraphics has a George Carlson retrospective titled Perfect Nonsense coming out soon, yes?

Pappy said...

Mike, I did not know, no.