Sunday, December 22, 2013

Number 1494: Sandhurst is a skunk! The continuing saga of Terry and the Pirates

Boss Sandhurst has been rescued by Pat Ryan, Terry Lee and Connie from bandits who wanted to torture him. Once back and safe he shows his appreciation by having Pat arrested! Sandhurst, seething with jealousy, wants Pat put away for alienating the affection of Normandie, Pat’s former lover and now Sandhurst’s pregnant wife. You can see this is developing into quite a soap opera, which was part of what made Milton Caniff’s Terry and the Pirates one of the most popular newspaper comics of its day.

Here's an overdue notice that Connie and Big Stoop are racial stereotypes, and my apologies to anyone who may be offended.

This is a reprint from Harvey Comics, #7, from 1947:

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