Sunday, December 01, 2013

Number 1482: Captain Venture and the Land Beneath the Sea

Dan Spiegle was a comic book artist who did his journeyman work mostly for Dell/Gold Key. When Gold Key shut down Spiegle moved on to other publishers, including a stint on Blackhawk for DC, and even working on Hanna-Barbera comics like Scooby-Doo. Spiegle's earliest work was mostly in Westerns, and for a long time he was the go-to artist for television adaptations like Lawman and Maverick.

Spiegle not only drew horse operas, he could draw space operas with equal skill. He drew Space Family Robinson (later Lost in Space, to cash in on the popular TV series which had lifted the premise of Space Family Robinson.) The Captain Venture strip was a backup in Space Family Robinson/Lost in Space, from issues #6 to #30. Later Gold Key reprinted two issues of reprints of these strips. What I’m showing today are the reprints from issue #1 (1968).


JamilKC said...

Thanks, Pappy.

These were always my favorite part of the Space Family Robinson comics. I didn't know they had been collected together.

Charles R. Rutledge said...

Some of my favorite Dan Spiegle art was on Korak: Son of Tarzan.

Doc Thompson said...

yeah,Gold Key put a collection.I had the first one.Obviously Venture as inspired by possibly Planet of the Ape-minus the apes,maybe Dan Dare.

Buzz Dixon said...

The Gold Key and Dell sci-fi stories were always more thoughtful than their counterparts at DC. One question, tho: I notice your page numbering jumps from 16 to 21. There doesn't seem to be any gap in the story material.