Friday, November 29, 2013

Number 1481: “Bring me his corpse!”

Yesterday was the annual Great American Feast of Thanksgiving, when hundreds of millions of people consume huge amounts of calories: turkey, mashed potatoes, yams, pumpkin pie... Not only did I eat too much, turkeys are loaded with tryptophan, which puts people to

Oh, hey, but we have a post today, don’t we? It’s about artist Bill Draut, who was part of the Simon and Kirby studio when they were doing comics in the late '40s. Draut was a longtime journeyman comic book man, drawing for DC into the '70s, working on various romance, mystery and war titles. His early work showed a fully formed Caniff-style, which was very popular in the forties. According to, besides his later comic book work Draut also did model sheets for the G.I. Joe TV cartoon show. He died in 1993.

From Headline Comics #27 (1947), Draut does two stories, one a police procedural about a dead gangster, the other a story of a hot wife and a cold husband (real cold, as in dead.)

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Brian Barnes said...

So our great detective has sent over a hundred murders to the chair. And it's no wonder how, since he can seem to send anybody up the river for what is the flimsiest of evidence.

Hey, lady, next time, keep your mouth shut!

By the way, how did she manage to tie herself up?