Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Number 1467: The blackmail racket

Ah, yes, it’s the old “make me think I’ve committed murder” scam. You can’t pull this one on me, fellas, because I read about that blackmail con in Racket Squad In Action #3 from 1952. I have taken heed of Inspector O’Malley, who wants to keep me from being a victim. And I, big-hearted and public spirited, am passing this cautionary tale on to my readers.

A Charlton comic, art by Frank Frollo. (The colorist who put lavender eye shadow on everyone on the cover is unknown.)


As a bonus, additional features that warn you of other rackets. Kids, save your milk and lunch not spend it on the numbers game. Spend it  instead on comic books.


P.S. I love the English language for things like this: If you remove the space from “In Action” you get Racket Squad Inaction. Ha!

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Brian Barnes said...

There's also some very strange scripting in some of these early crime stories; the action part -- our heroic cop, fist flying every which direction -- get a short couple panels, so short that at times it's hard to follow the action.

But phone calls? Endless panels of that!