Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Number 1475: Last of the Owl

Last post we had an old-time newspaper cartoonist turned comic book artist, and here we have an old-time comic book artist who ended up on a newspaper feature. Frank Thomas did several features for Dell Comics, including “Billy and Bonny Bee,” “The Eye,” and “The Owl.”

After trying superheroes for awhile Dell changed direction. I think they figured out early they wanted to get away from the long underwear characters and go into licensing and other types of comics. So Crackajack Funnies #43 (1942) had the last episode of the Owl, and that’s what I’m showing today.

But to get back to Frank early comic book journeyman. He died in 1968 while assisting on the “Ferd’nand” daily. Thomas was extremely talented as a writer and cartoonist, and had a very pleasing style. It’s a pity he didn’t do more comic books, and especially a pity that he died so young at age 54.


The next to last episode, from Crackajack Funnies #42, was posted here:


Britt Reid said...

This was the last Owl story in Crackajack, but it wasn't the last Owl tale before the Silver Age revival.
The strip moved over to Popular Comics as of #72.
In #74 it was retitled Nick Terry as The Owl and continued until #85 (even though the end of the story in that issue promised "another Owl episode next month").

I hope this isn't a double-post, but the interface seems a little wonky today...

Pappy said...

I should have made that more clear. Thanks, Britt. I appreciate the comment.

BillyWitchDoctor said...

Even though the whole concept was stupefied to suit the Batman TV show's "camp" craze, I quite enjoyed the goofy The Owl comics of 1968 (I think it only lasted a couple of issues).