Monday, November 25, 2013

Number 1478: Reed Crandall keeps his feet on the ground

Classics Illustrated #167A was a special issue called Prehistoric World, published in 1962. Because the information in the issue is over 50 years old I would not rely on it for accuracy. Science marches on and new things are discovered all the time, but this is probably up-to-date as to what people thought of early people back in those days.

Reed Crandall did the artwork for this nine-page segment of the special (he did other pages, also, but they are interspersed with the work of other artists throughout the book). The Grand Comics Database credits George Evans with the inking. With tall panels in two tiers on the pages Crandall was able to do more full-figure drawing. Crandall’s figures had weight, and their feet were firmly planted on the ground. This is a good example of that. I have said once before I thought that later in his career Crandall’s figure drawing got a bit stiff, but when you see those figures there’s no doubt you’re looking at a Reed Crandall drawing.


jim said...

Beautiful artwork.

And especially amusing, were the various ways Crandall avoided showing Early Man's "junk". lol


Pappy said...

Jim, you're welcome.

Drawing naked characters and hiding genitals has always been a challenge for comic least until R. Crumb came along.