Sunday, November 03, 2013

Number 1465: Jungle royalty

Queen of the jungle and princess of the jungle are mighty highfalutin titles for women wearing abbreviated costumes and swinging through trees, wouldn’t you say? I guess it all started off with Tarzan, who was really England’s Lord Greystoke, and back home in Africa known as Lord of the Jungle. Sometime in the thirties when Sheena was created it sounded good to say “Sheena, Queen of the Jungle.” The name and title roll off the tongue. It wouldn’t sound right to have her called “Lady Sheena” or even a title like “Sheena, Duchess of the Jungle.” They just don’t have the same ring, do they?

So Sheena was queen and Taanda, who came along later and could not be queen because Sheena was queen, was the white princess of the jungle. I’ve got stories featuring both of these royal jungle gals today.

Sheena’s story is from Jumbo Comics #101 (1947), and Taanda is featured in a cover story from Avon’s White Princess of the Jungle #4 (1952). The Sheena art is by Robert Webb, the Taanda artist is unknown by the Grand Comics Database.


Alberto said...

Hello Pappy.

Art here seems to be by Michael Becker, although the inking might be by Vince Alascia. That's my educated guess.


Kirk said...

We need to bring represenative democracy to the jungle. Let Sheena and Taanda run against each other and let the natives decides who runs things.

AB said...

I love those Iger shop jungle queens ... but detest those nonsensical Iger shop panel layouts!

Pappy said...

Alberto, thanks for the information, and your educated guess goes a long way with me. I appreciate your deep knowledge of comic art.

AB: Iger shop layouts remind me of some modern comics where the eye wanders all over the page. I agree with you. I'm a traditionalist when it comes to panel layouts.

Pappy said...

Well, Kirk, maybe first we should have a jungle primary, and include Lorna (who was called Jungle Queen until demoted to Jungle Girl), Rulah, Jann, etc.