Sunday, September 01, 2013

Number 1429: Jet Powers and the interplanetary war

In June I showed a continued story from ME’s Jet # 3 and #4 (1951).* I mentioned at the time there was another continued story started in #3 and finished in #4. It was the first time I’d seen that. In the first two issues of Jet the continuations were within the issue.

“Interplanetary War” has Jet interceding in a war on Mars. Jet, being a very resourceful guy and way ahead of other Earth people, has his own rocket ship. It allows him to travel to the red two days!

“Interplanetary War” and “The Fleets of Fear” are written by Gardner Fox and drawn by Bob Powell and his staff.


*Click on the pic to see the story.


Daniel [] said...

That'll teach Jet to keep a picture of Su Shan in his wallet, and show it to new acquaintances!

I'd read “The Fleets of Fear!” previously, but not “The Interplanetary War!” Special thanks for showing the the earlier story, then, though I'm always glad to see these stories in which Jet is a sort of blend of Doc Savage and Captain Future (with an immeasurably better side-kick that any of theirs).

Pappy said...

Daniel, personally I'd find Su Shan a little distracting as a sidekick, but sometimes the work of saving not only our own planet, but a neighboring planet is pretty hard. A distraction might be a good break from all the world-saving.