Friday, December 10, 2010

Number 858

Love of a Government Girl

Let's all sing along to the tune of Neil Sedaka's "Calendar Girl":

I love-a, love-a, love my government girl,
Yeah, my government girl,
I love-a, love-a, love my government girl,
Every day of the fiscal year!

Government Girl, in this story from ACG's Lovelorn #4, 1950, is given access to top secrets with just an admonishment from her boss that all the documents she sees are confidential. Well. I remember my own experiences with such documents when I was an Army clerk typing up secret-type hush-hush stuff. They had to check me out before I could get clearance. As I found out later the FBI called my future father-in-law, Ray, to ask about me.

"What? That son of a bitch? I can't trust him with my daughter! How could you trust him with Army secrets?"

Despite that stinging non-endorsement I got my security clearance, and despite Ray's assessment of my character I never abused the U.S. Army's trust in me, unlike Government Girl in this tale of love and spies.


aldi said...

Nice one, Pappy. Love wins out in the end and I'm sure Phil will be waiting at the prison gates to meet her when she's done her 20 year stretch for espionage! :)

borky said...

Hmm, that's odd: I was always under the impression it's only in the modern era red's become the new 'blond(e)'.

Does this mean then, Pappy, there was actually a time in the past when 'gingers' were acceptable as leading men - or was this just some one off printer's error?

Even Jimmy Olsen only seemed to be given red hair and freckles to underline just how spectacularly ungingery and unfreckly - and therefore how SUPER - Superman truly was.

Pappy said...

Gingers...well, that's a word I hadn't heard for redheads.

The one who comes to mind was Van Johnson, very popular in the late '40s and early '50s.