Monday, December 06, 2010

Number 856

The doll and the Doll Man

Know how to sell houses in a down market like we're in now? Have Torchy sell 'em!

From Doll Man #27, 1950, drawn by Bill Ward. We have featured good girl artist Bill Ward several times. Go to the link below and click on his name for Pussycat and Torchy.

There's a question at the Grand Comics Database as to whether Bill Ward also drew the Doll Man story I've included. They give their notation the Bill Ward-question mark treatment, meaning they're not sure. Some of the faces look like Ward's, but I'm not sure either. At any rate it's pretty entertaining. It gives me a chance to note again how fascinated people are with tiny people in a normal sized world.


BastaComix said...

Thanks tons for the Torchy comic! LOVE Bill Ward! (and Dollman too)

Peregrin said...

Wow...someone in a comic book was exposed to radiation and didn't gain super powers!

Mykal said...

Pappy: Oh my God, Torchy! I so know exactly what I want for Christmas. Half the fun will be the unwrapping.

Daniel [] said...

While I could believe that Ward participated in the art for the Doll Man story, I think that someone else must have at least roughed-in the figures before Ward touched it.

Sam G said...

Yes. Thank you for the Torchy comic! More please.

Chuck Wells said...

Good googly moogly, that Torchy is juicy !!

I'm also a "huge" (pun intended) fan of Doll Man no matter who drew him.

Both of these stories were very much appreciated today, Pappy!

Pappy said...

Folks, thanks for the comments the past couple of days. I've been distracted by some other business and have just gotten back to the comments. Sorry for the delay in getting them posted.