Monday, March 22, 2010

Number 705

Killa Gorillers

Gorillas sell comic books. That was noticed many years ago by DC. If you think about it, DC had a lot of gorillas on the covers of their comics.* I'm not sure if anyone ever knew why gorillas sold comic books. Maybe they suspected, but didn't really want to know if there were bizarre fetishists out there with a thing for hairy apes.

Not me, of course...heh heh. But I do like gorilla stories and I'm not sure why. Maybe it's a primordial call back to the forests, a race memory of thumping my chest and swinging from branch to branch.

These aren't from DC, but here are four simian stories from other publishers. "Killer's Arms" is from Charlton's Strange Suspense Stories #22, 1954, "Violence," drawn by Sol Brodsky (?)** and Jack Abel is from Atlas' Mystery Tales #23, 1954, and "Phantom In the Flames," drawn by Rudi Palais, is from Harvey's Witches Tales #2, 1951.

Lastly, and justifiably leastly, we have a 3-page humor filler from Zoo Comics #9, done by an unidentified artist.

*They even took a "great white hunter," Congo Bill, and turned him it into Congorilla.

**The Atlas Tales information website isn't quite sure on this one.


Chuck Wells said...

Fun stuff, Pappy.

I originally ran my "Go Ape Shit Week" posts a while back in recognition of the very same thing that you've cited.

In fact, I am planning another round of "Go Ape Shit" posts, but the stories here are better than some that I will be featuring.

At least mine will have hot chicks in jungle bikinis.

Pappy said...

I probably got my idea from you. I'm not above a little swiping from creative folks.

I'm collecting more gorilla stories for another posting sometime in the future, but I'm staying away from your jungle girl bailiwick and sticking with other genres where gorillas and apes swung in.

BEMaven said...

Just about the time DC ran their gorilla campaign, late great MAD artist Don Martin did a piece about National Gorilla Suit Day.

He claimed that gorilla suit manufacturers invented the holiday just to boost sales.

The man was definitely on to something.

Unca Jeffy said...

I want a banana.

Mr. Karswell said...

Pawsome stuff Pappy... somebody tell me next time the comic scan bloggers go ape shit, I got some stories to post too-- we should make a week of it!

Daniel [] said...

When I was a child, I would frequently hear about /gəˈɹɪləs/. They'd kill people, and significant efforts were made to kill or to capture them. They were plainly an important problem.

Michael Wurl said...

Loved these stories, Pappy!

Esecially the first one.