Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Number 702

Happy St. Pat's Day

You're wearing green and you've got your four-leaf clovers in your pocket today. We're celebrating St. Patrick's Day with a special posting by that fine Irish lad, Kurt O'Schaffenberger. What's that you say? There is no O'Schaffenberger? You say I mean Kurt SCHAFFENBERGER? Well, of course I do, but on this day everybody is Irish!

...and here's yer pot o' gold, from Adventures Into the Unknown #88, 1957:

Pappy's plugola!

If you haven't already, check out Apocolyte's World of Comics for the Pappy interview. It includes scans from several of my earliest postings.



Chuck Wells said...

One of my biggest regrets as a lifelong comics fans is never having gotten the chance to meet Kurt Schaffenberger.

He was always one of my personal favorite artists.

Pappy said...

I've always been amazed by Schaffenberger's ink line and perfect control over his brush. It fascinates me today the same way it did in the 1950s when I first encountered his work on Lois Lane.

Tamfos said...

The sweetest, smoothest line in comics! How many other funnybook artists out there could get you excited by simple things like hair texture? And right from the get-go. His Fawcett work is just about as good as his Lois stuff (IMO).

I knew him many years ago, and Kurt was a sweet guy who never really appreciated his standing in the fan's eyes -- but then, the way DC was treating him by the 80's, that's no surprise.

Never saw this before. Thanks, Pappy!

Chuck Wells said...

I believe you Tamfos! My friend, and popular Heroes Convention owner/organizer, Shelton Drum extended an invitation to Mr. Schaffenberger to attend as a welcome guest on several occasions.

Shelton has said that each time Kurt declined, it was due to both the distance involved and his opinion that his "fanbase" in the Carolinas probably wasn't that large.

Nothing could have been further fromt he truth!

Tamfos said...

The only conventions he ever went to were the Big Apple shows. He and Win Mortimer would share a table (or sometimes only one of them would come to the show and sell art for both). Both just great guys, both under appreciated.

And if you didn't catch him at a show and tried to buy a page over the phone or through the mail, Kurt wouldn't go looking for any specific pages (he had so many). He'd just ask you, "What characters do you like?" and then he'd go pick one based on your conversation. Sounds funky, but he never disappointed.

Thanks again for posting this, Pappy. I haven't shared those memories with anybody in many years.

Pappy said...

Thanks for sharing those memories of Kurt, Tamfos. Great stuff!