Monday, February 01, 2010

Number 677

Two Lady Dangers

This is the final "Lady Danger" story drawn by Carmine Infantino. It's from Sensation Comics #89, 1949. The series went on for a few more episodes before being replaced by a couple of romance-styled strips, "Dr. Pat," and "Romance, Inc.," as Sensation bowed to the then-current love comics craze. For its last four episodes "Lady Danger" was drawn by Emil Gershwin. Nothing against Mr. Gershwin, who went on to ACG and the supernatural comics, et al., but to me the peak of "Lady Danger" was when Infantino was pencilling and Bob Oksner was inking. This particular episode was inked by veteran Joe Giella. No credit is given by the Grand Comics Database for the writer, but it was most likely editor Robert Kanigher.

We've shown some Infantino/Oksner stories in the past. Go to the link below and click on Lady Danger.


Lysdexicuss said...

I'm a huge Infantino fan Pappy~ but~ man~! Was the perspective whacky in that final sequence or what ? Too bad Lady Danger didn't last longer. She is fit as a fiddle~!

chrismartindeed said...

Thanks for another fine entry in the Lady Danger adventures. I've been meaning to spotlight her in my blog for self-reliant females of the Golden Age.

Too bad her series was so brief. She was a lot fascinating than Lois Whats-Her-Name from the Daily Planet.

Chuck Wells said...

Yeah, what they said! I've never understood why DC simply let this character languish, when they've pretty much revived everything else.

Gene Phillips said...

Re: your comment about Doctor Pat being romance-oriented:

I'm no expert on the character (is anyone??) But aside from that debut tale that got reprinted in some old LOIS LANE-- which does indeed seem like a pure romance-story-- I came across one other DP story that had her and her boyfriend stumble across some spies, whose asses they proceed to kick. I have a feeling that most of the DC writers were probably more comfortable doing that sort of thing, anyway.