Monday, February 15, 2010

Number 685

The Hot Flame Goddess!

Until I saw this story, attributed by the Grand Comics Database to Sid Greene, I didn't realize Sid could draw such great-looking babes.

My familiarity with Greene, besides one Target story I showed in Pappy's #540, is from the Silver Age science fiction he did at DC, like this story from Pappy's #527, and for various inking jobs which I thought were very distinctive.

Shelia is a sexy chick in a pin-up fan's delight of a story. From Avon's Strange Worlds #3, 1951.


Karswell said...

You can't beat a goddess in open toe sandals! For some reason my favorite moment is the look on the camel's face at the bottom of page 6 though... he's just hanging around watching all this crazy shit unfold.

Lysdexicuss said...

Just a Hunka Hunka burnin' LOVE !