Monday, February 08, 2010

Number 681

Ectoplasmic Giggles

Two goofy ghost stories from Giggle Comics.

Moonlighting animators wrote and drew the humor comics for what became the American Comics Group. These early issues were produced for the publisher by the Sangor Shop. Hubie Karp wrote the Spencer Spook story, but the writer isn't credited for Spooky. Ken Champin, who did Spencer, was a longtime animator and comic book artist. The Grand Comics Database is spotty on information for this title, but I think Spooky was succeeded by Spencer, who appear to be similar characters. Over the years the feature was handled by several artists. In my opinion the greatest artist of them all was Jack Bradbury. Go here for several of Bradbury's hilarious Spencer Spook stories, lovingly preserved and scanned by Jack's son.

"Spooky" is from Giggle Comics #8, 1944, and "Spencer Spook" is from #22, 1945.


Mykal said...

Pappy: Great post. I agree with you completely about Bradbury being the best Spencer cartoonist. No one could give Spence that plush, 3d feel like Bradbury! JB was one of the greatest of all time. Champion looks pretty good, too. I like it. But I love Bradbudy. -- Mykal

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