Sunday, February 21, 2010

Number 688

Spirit of science fiction

I like Will Eisner's Spirit stories because they can be anything: detective, human interest, adventure, romance, film noir, fantasy or science fiction. Sometimes a combination of those elements. These stories, scanned from Police Comics #101 and #102, 1950, use science fiction as a sub-theme in the first (rocket to the moon as escape for a criminal), and the plot driver for the second (time travel). As usual, nothing in a Spirit story is strictly conventional. There are always surprises in the seven pages that fit outside normal expectations of 1940's comics.

We are in a science fiction week at Pappy's. Tomorrow, the Fox rocket men!


carlosalguien said...

So fantastic this post as this story of The Spirit. I love so much the Will Eisner's work, but I did not know this comic. Very good, thanks you.

Paul Tumey said...

Thank you for sharing two of Eisner and Company's finest post-war Spirits. I'm looking forward to your science fiction week!