Friday, February 05, 2010

Number 679

Gang War in Brooklyn!

"Gang War In Brooklyn" is a curiously titled story, since the gang "war" is internal to the gang, not a going-to-the-mattresses war between beer barons or Mafia families. It's a fair but typical crime comics heist story; nothing exceptional about it except for the fine artwork of Joe Maneely. Maneely, one of the top Atlas bullpen artists, could handle his assignments with ease. He did horror, crime, adventure, Western...he covered the genres. He was also said to be extremely fast, handling 6 or 7 pages a day, while other artists were lucky to finish one.

Maneely died young, before the so-called "Marvel Age." I've wondered what Maneely's part in that Marvel Age would have been. I'm sure whatever he'd have done for Stan Lee during the '60s would have been great.

From Crime Cases Comics #27, 1951:


Also from the issue: I'm guessing these guys are eager to see what she does with that Tootsie Roll in her mouth.



Great Maneely story!
I love anythingb he did.
So often artists from the 40's and 50's (and even now), when drawing multiple characters, are not able to clearly define each character, the result -- they all look alike. Not so with Joe Maneely. Here he has a whole gang of hoodlums to keep straight, and each one holds their character throughout the story. Fantastic!

My good friend Dr. Wertham P. Fredrics says the Tootsie Roll ad is pure "schmut"! Hilarious, all the men watching with eager anticipation as the woman prepares to put a 'rod-shaped' item in her, just WHAT are they selling us?

Joe Thompson said...

Charlie the Crumb, Squint, Monster, Itchy and Boils. The nicknames wouldn't inspire confidence if I was forming a gang.