Sunday, February 07, 2010

Number 680

Scourge of the Nazis! The origin of Miss America

After a long hiatus, Miss America returns to Pappy's, this time with her two-part origin story from Marvel Mystery Comics #'s 49 and 50, from 1943.

Her look was a bit different in her earliest adventures. I like the hood; later on it changed and looked like a beanie perched on her hair.

According to the Grand Comics Database, the origin was written by Otto Binder. Part 1 in Marvel Mystery #49 was drawn by Al Gabriele, and Part 2 by Charles Nicholas.

I've shown some other adventures of Miss America, a very entertaining second banana feature from 1940s Timely Comics. Click on "Miss America" in the link below to see the others. I took the scans from the internet about 2003, on a website devoted to Miss America. I'm glad I saved these because I believe the site is gone. The only thing I did to the scans was enlarge them from 500 pixels to 600 for easier reading.

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Jeff Overturf said...

Great stuff!

I love the little mentioned characters of the golden age of heroes!

I remember reading my brothers 1960's reprint of All Winners Comics from the '40's with Miss America (and those other guys). I actually remember reading it over and over and over!