Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Number 690

Russ Heath and the Monster of Moog

Here's the 4th installment for Pappy's Science Fiction Week.

Russ Heath, born in 1926, is a comic art great whose career extended for decades. He did Westerns, horror, science fiction and in the '60s many war stories. Like Joe Kubert, who also worked for editor/writer Robert Kanigher at DC, Heath's artwork never faded in quality over a long career.

"Monster of Moog" (a planet, and not a synthesizer), and "The Strange Car" both appeared in Atlas Comics' Journey Into Unknown Worlds #36 (actually #1) in 1950.

A decade later Heath would work with Kanigher on Sea Devils, a comic book I really enjoyed. (Someday I may indulge myself and show you a story featuring the Sea Devils and Pappy the trained seal.) The covers, three of which I've included here, were exceptionally dramatic. Heath did the artwork and DC's chief production man, Jack Adler, did the gray tones, giving the covers a modeled effect.

Some great Russ Heath art from a 1962 DC war comic is here.


Chuck Wells said...

Your sci-fi weeks been a big winner with me, Pappy.

Just thought that I had better let you know.

cash_gorman said...

I'm a big fan of Heath's work though I have precious little of it. Especially love his Sea Devil covers.

Juan MM said...

Hello. Just one comment: Page 4 in story "your number's up" is lost if I'm not wrong. Could you `post it? Thanks.

Pappy said...

Juan, I have re-posted the missing page 4. I don't know what happened there...but sorry.

Chuck, Cash...thanks for the positive comments.

prof. grewbeard said...

god i love this stuff!

been meaning to check out Sea Devils, the new comic shop in town has a few issues...

Juan MM said...