Sunday, April 26, 2009

Number 512

London calling!

London, a hero with a blue suit, bowtie, cowl and cape, was created by Jerry Robinson for Charles Biro and Bob Wood, because as I explained in last Sunday's Blackout posting, they wanted some of that Batman magic. Jerry Robinson, one of Kane's assistants, created London, just as another assistant, George Roussos, created the short-lived Blackout.

London went about his business for a short time. This story, drawn by Robinson, is from Daredevil #11 (1942) and is the last appearance of London. He was a non-super, costumed, war-time character. I'm sure by the end of the war, if not sooner, London would have gone back into the inkwell, or wherever it is that secondary comic book characters go when their services are no longer required.