Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Number 502

Oleck and Alcala

Two stories set in the past by longtime comic book scripter Jack Oleck and Philippine comic artist Alfredo Alcala: "Lady Killer" is from DC Comics' 1974 Weird Mystery Tales #10, and "A Second Chance To Die" is a black and white strip from Marvel's Tales Of The Zombie #7.

I love the way Alcala captured the look of Victorian England in "Lady Killer." His intricate brushwork was perfectly suited for the strip. "Second Chance" is a sadistic revenge story. The former feels like an old Atlas horror story, and the latter seems more like an EC story. No surprises, there, because Oleck wrote for both Atlas and EC.


8thRay said...

Alcala illustrated a story back in the 70s that was also (I believe) set in the Victorian age. The killer wore a suit and derby and a teddy bear mask (!?) and smashed people's heads with a sledgehammer. I'd love to find that one again.

Chuck Wells said...

Alcala was one of the greats, and both of these tales are terrific.

Good picks, Pappy. You really know how to entertain a "captive" audience.

Pappy said...

8thRay, that description tickles my memory lobes. I believe the story you're thinking of was from a Warren magazine. Anybody else know for sure?

Chuck, unlike Somalian pirates I hold no captives. But I'm glad you stick around long enough to read the blog. I always appreciate your comments and support.