Friday, April 24, 2009

Number 511

Give me my dope, you damn dirty ape!

Dynamic Boy, a short strip from Major Victory #2, 1944, battles a drug ring that uses a real gorilla for an enforcer. It's one of those wild Golden Age strips that has to be seen. The splash panel is suitable for framing.

I got these scans from a Golden Age Comics website in 2003. I'm unable to locate the site again. Some of you may know it. The author of the site would use three or four strips in a composite online "comic book" called Spotlight, or some other names I've forgotten. It was based on Golden Age hero stories, but there were some good ones. Unfortunately it was a couple of hard drive crashes ago for me, so most of the downloading and swiping I did of stories is lost. If you are the originator of these scans please let me know so I can give you credit.

Dynamic Boy looks like he belongs in that blackheads ad. "Gee, Sis, why don't I ever get invited to parties?" "Frankly, D-Boy, it's those ugly blackheads." The Grand Comics Database gives credit for the artwork to Bill Madden.


BEMaven said...

Why, I happen to have the old address for the web site you mentioned right here in my pocket...

It was a great source for Golden Age reprints until they stopped updating it.


Pappy said...

Thanks for the information. Say, didn't I see you on the Outer Limits?

BEMaven said...

You're thinking of my uncle He got all the brains in the family; I got all the hair.


Ger Apeldoorn said...

Looks Like Dick Briefer art to me, but I am too unfamiliar with his early period to say for certain.

Pappy said...

Ger, after looking at it closer I think it looks more like Rudy Palais.

Tamfos said...

It certainly looks more like Palais than Briefer, but certainly not a Palais at the height of his powers.

This story falls just short of mad genius status. That scene where the two thugs are corraling the junkies is hilarious. A club? Really? And is that a chain or a whip the other guy is using? Fevered, to say the least.