Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Number 1948: Lorna: the terror of the deep, and the shallow boyfriend

Lorna is handy when her boyrfriend, Greg, gets into trouble. Not only does Lorna save him over and over, she loves him. In “Terror of the Deep” she hints that she’d like Greg to propose marriage. Greg is not dumb...he knows what Lorna is doing. He just chooses to change the subject. In those days men were expected to be head of the family, and Greg knew that in a marriage to the superbly capable and resourceful Lorna he would not be the one in charge.

From Lorna, Jungle Girl #8 (1954). Story by Don Rico, art by Werner Roth.


flash said...

It looks very much like Russ Heath's inks.
Lorna was one of the better Atlas jungle girls.
I'd love to see more of Maneely's Black Knight and Crusader, or even some Joe Sinnot's Arrowhead!

Brian Barnes said...

I'm still puzzled by Lorna. There's some fun art (our bad guys fate is entertaining and the comically hungry shark under him brings a smile to my face) and the story is quick and breezy.

... but the whole marriage thing, the whole oblivious Greg (I think he is dumb, he's certainly played that way) ... this is stuff written by adults, for children. I can see the kids reading angle; Lorna is hot, but as a kid reading this, he's not thinking about marriage, he's thinking of this hot, kick-ass lady friend, which I think why Greg is actually pretty child-like in most instances.

In the late 40s, you (as a boy) would play with the neighborhood girls that were rough and tumble; but if they wanted to play house you'd ditch.

I might be reading a lot into this, but if true, there's a lot of cleverness in the writing here, based on the audience.

Pappy said...

Gordon, I do have some posts featuring all those characters. Just type the names into the search engine at the upper left of the page, and their wonders will appear magically (and digitally) before you.

Pappy said...

Brian, I think you've made a good assessment of the reason for Greg's sexist attitudes...he has the mind of a 12-year-old boy. And those 12-year-old males were the target readership.

Even little boys, despite their shouts of "I hate girls!" have a fascination for sexy females. I know I wasn't the only 10-year-old who looked with popped eyes at movie posters with Brigitte Bardot and Sophia Loren. But being married to them? I never even thought about it.