Monday, January 13, 2014

Number 1507: Halluci-Herbie-nation

In re-reading old Herbie stories, written by ACG editor Richard E. Hughes under his pen-name, Shane O'Shea, it’s not surprising to see the mind-altering qualities. They were published in the 1960s, and have a hallucinatory quality reminiscent of the decade.

The absurd goings-on of the story, “Professor Flipdome’s Screwy Machine,” from Herbie #4 (1964), drawn in artist Ogden Whitney’s precise and deadpan art style, adds to the feeling that there is something beyond the usual mind-blowing quality of some comic books.


I scanned the stories from the 1964 first issue of Herbie to bring in the New Year of 2010. Just click on the cover thumbnail:

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Kirk said...

Love these Herbie comics. Not sure why he doesn't want his father to know he's the one that saved him. Maybe Herbie's just modest.