Friday, January 17, 2014

Number 1509: Moon Girl and the day the world trembled

Moon Girl was EC Comics’ answer to DC’s Wonder Woman, without the kinky stuff. My opinion is that Moon Girl was too tame. Maybe she needed something a bit kinky to bump up sales, but Moon Girl went into oblivion in the late forties, so it’s moot. You Golden Age fans remember that EC publisher Maxwell Charles Gaines had started All American Comics in a joint publishing venture with DC Comics, then ultimately sold it to DC. Gaines founded Educational Comics, EC, and ran it until his death in a boating accident in 1947. The rest of EC history is well known, and some of these early EC Comics are collectible because of being ancestors to the notorious later New Trend titles.

Sheldon Moldoff did the artwork for “The Day the World Trembled!” As you may also recall, he was with Gaines from the start, drawing Hawkman in Flash Comics. The story is the lead from Moon Girl, #6 (1949) the last issue under that title. Next two issues would be Moon Girl Fights Crime, then A Moon...a Girl...Romance, which eventually became Weird Fantasy, one of the more odd evolutions of titles in comics history.


More Moon Girl here. Just click on the thumbnails.


Daniel [] said...

It seems to me that there was somehow a disordering of the panels. The first panel on the last page seems to explain the difficult for the Hot Babes from Outer Space in the fourth panel of the previous page.

Speaking of Hot Babes from Outer Space, I do not think that they would have had trouble getting volunteers. Guys are like that, y'know. At this stage, I might go, if they'd take me.

I am moved to note that philology would insist on “Venerian”, rather than “Venusian”. Of course, awkward associations would arise. (The term “venerial” is in fact from more direct reference to the Goddess of Love.)

Pappy said...

Daniel, I have heard that Venerian (or Venerean) vs Venusian argument before, and it is because of the awkward associations you mention that it isn't in wider use.

James Kirk said...

I agree that the strip was too bland to get a following. However it's too bad this one was left and not developed. It looks like it could have been a good competitor for Wonder Woman if they had a decent script to work with.

darkmark said...

Do you have the Moon Girl strips fro m International Crime Patrol #6 or Gunfighter #5 and 6? If so, please post.

Pappy said...

Darkmark, at this time I don't have those stories.