Sunday, January 26, 2014

Number 1514: Pat’s day in court: Terry and the Pirates #8

Not only does Pat Ryan get his day in court against the lying and scheming Tony Sandhurst (husband of Pat's love, Normandie), but gets some justice in the bargain.

I will be ending my postings of Terry and the Pirates with the next issue, which I'll show in late February. After closing out Terry’s boyhood adventures, Harvey began reprinting the stories of Terry during World War II.

This episode is from Terry and the Pirates #8 (1948):


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Debbie American Hooray! said...

This Terry Pir8 guy drawers well I wish he had dun chibi kawaii manga yo! OMG Pappity I keep peeping ur list of web linx & I keep not C-ing <a href="></A> yo! We got 3D comix & cartune videos & we intervu Kurt Loder, Lydia Cornell, tha hed Writerer of Courage tha Cowherdly Dawg, & spookery Britterish Nick Redfern frm tha Ancient ALiens TeeVee show yo! I know u luv us @ leest as much as u luv Harry tha Green I-Ball pt 3 Pappity <3 Luv, Debbie American Hooray!

Pappy said...

Debbie, your wish is Pappy's command. I have linked you and I hope Pappy's readers give you cute cartune girls a look and listen.