Sunday, July 21, 2013

Number 1405: What pours out of a Fawcett

I haven’t had a theme week in a while, so I’ve gotten together some Fawcett comics for a “What pours out of a Fawcett” week.

First up, the Marvel Family #84 issue from the UK in 1952. It reprints part of the US issue, #76. I’ve mentioned in the past that I like these black line reprints. I also have the original color issue, and those colors cover up a lot of the sharp cartooning from the C.C. Beck studio. With this I can see each crisp line.

The Marvel Family comics, particular favorites of mine, look to me as if scripter Otto Binder had fun with the writing, and Beck and his assistants had fun with the artwork. The pro-nuke stuff is fairly typical fifties puff that atomic energy would change our lives with such things as “atomic trucks.” Imagine an atomic truck hurtling down the freeway, right on your back bumper.

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Arben said...

I absolutely love seeing this stuff in B&W. Thanks.