Monday, October 29, 2012

Number 1253: Journey into Halloween fear!

As I mentioned yesterday, Wednesday is Halloween, and despite being the Ebeneezer Scrooge of Halloween, I feel obligated to show some Halloween stories. But obligated is the wrong word. I love horror stories, I'm just not thrilled about Halloween. It's the kids you know...the kids who come to the door and yell “Trick or Treat!” and make Ebeneezer Pappy get off the comfy couch, from which I’ll be watching some old horror movie on TV, no doubt.

I also told you yesterday I found a long-forgotten bag of jelly beans in a drawer. I will give them out to the kids. I opened the bag and poured them into a bowl to keep by the front door. I sampled one of the j.b.'s and it was a bit hard. I nearly broke a tooth. I'll have to issue a disclaimer when I put them in the kids' trick or treat bags. “Make sure you suck on these jelly beans for a half hour or so before biting into them, kiddies! Heh-heh. And don't send me a dentist's bill!”

So what have we for our fear-fare today? We have two stories I've showed before, way back when in the early days of this blog. They're both from the Canadian publisher, Superior Comics, which got their pre-packaged material from the Jerry Iger Studios. Iger had some demented people writing and drawing terror tales in those days. 

Hey, you know what's funny? Halloween candy may rot your teeth, but horror stories like these will definitely rot your brain!

From  Journey Into Fear #19 (1954):

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Brian Barnes said...

Reading the two of these together, it's almost as if they are part of a larger narrative; the frog men take over, and then they discover the painting and end up doing battle with the vulture man!