Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Number 1246: The Devil is in Missouri!

The Devil runs rampant in the territory which will one day be known as Missouri. He slaughters families, leaving their corpses branded with his handprint on their chests. It takes hot young frontierswoman, Kit West, in her buckskin miniskirt, to solve the morbid mystery. This story, attributed by the GCD to artist Jill Elgin with possible assist from Gus Schrotter, was originally published in Avon’s Cowpuncher #4 (1948), but my scans are taken from a reprint in Geronimo on the Warpath #2 (1951).

This gory story has knifings, blood, murders, brandings and a burning at the stake! It’s got bad Indians and one bad Spaniard. It’s a lot for nine pages.


Brian Barnes said...

I guess I missed a panel:

Indian 1: Hey, how come the devil suddenly has great boobs, a tight butt, and shapely legs?

Indian 2: Just ignore it, it is the way of the devil, it's next to impossible to even conceive that it might be Kit West in our devil disguise making a break for it!

Indian 1: Sounds good to me!

One thing I love about these comics (other than the careful skirt placement on the splash) is the crazy kitchen sink approach. The scooby-doo mystery is enough to carry a nine-page story, but then there's just a tide wave of additional plot points.

Pappy said...

As usual, Brian, you captured the essence of such silliness so well.