Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Number 1198: Jet Powers and the big bad bug

We learn in the third and final Jet Powers story from Jet #1 (1950) that Jet is an environmental disaster. He not only uses the potent insecticide DDT but he carries around in his aerocar — a combination plane and space vehicle — a can of lead-based paint. Well, paint me red with lead and spray me with DDT...then call the Environmental Protection Agency.

But, of course, in 1950 both of these products were common and legal. DDT was taken off the market decades ago because it got into the food chain and killed more than the insects it was designed to kill, and we know that lead is bad stuff. But they didn't know that in 1950, and thank goodness for that, otherwise how would Jet Powers have figured to kill the big insect that is the advance bug for an alien invasion?

This is a re-scan of a story I showed years ago, drawn by Bob Powell. Other stories from Jet #1 were shown in Pappy's #1127 and Pappy's #1141.

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Brian Barnes said...

Great art Powell art, and remember, if you put "atomic" before a word, it's all very science-y!