Sunday, July 01, 2012

Number 1184: “The man who dares to cut holes in the Iron Curtain!”

Three fast-moving, well-illustrated tales from Atlas Comics' Spy Thrillers are presented for your pleasure. It's the pleasure of seeing Ross Andru and Mike Esposito's artwork, especially the dynamic and symbolic splash pages. equivocates on the cover credits, giving both Sol Brodsky? and/or Carl Burgos? a credit. Kind of.

Rick Davis is a globe-trotting United States Secret Service agent who answers his country's call to duty in Dick Tracy's yellow topcoat, and suits only a color blind person would pick. Green with a red tie. Nice Christmas colors. Where's his black suit and sunglasses, the uniform we consider appropriate for a Secret Service agent? Rick's world of the mid-'50s is full of Reds and commies, those treacherous and dangerous Cold War enemies of America. They have an advantage over Rick, able to spot him from quite a distance, glowing like a neon sign.

A couple of months ago the Secret Service took a beating over some rogue agents and some unprofessional conduct in Colombia. I have a high regard for the agency and believe they will get through this and do the job they should be proud to do, and with much better sartorial sense than Rick Davis.

From Spy Thrillers #4 (last issue, 1955):


M. Bouffant said...

Late April? Hokey Smokes, this is tougher than your previous job!

Keep at it, though, it's great.

Tamfos said...

yisarsuMan, are you ever right. Every splash page seems better than the last!

Thanks, Pap!

Pappy said...

M. Bouffant, you might have noticed I edited what I said to drop the late April remark. It's true that I work two months ahead (I just finished scheduling August's posts). I go through and re-read and edit a couple of times before the posts appear. Even so, sometimes I miss things, and when I saw this post this morning that sentence looked wrong.

But yes, this is harder than my old job. I have to do a lot more thinking than I did on my former job, where I could send my body to work and leave my brain at home, still sleeping.