Monday, July 09, 2012

Number 1189: Herbie and the Purloined Pops

It seems fitting to follow up yesterday's Dynamo UFO posting with a Herbie story. They were both comics I instantly grabbed when I spotted them on the comic book spinner at my local pharmacy. Every comic fan has that moment, when they spot a new issue of their favorite. In 1964 I was routinely picking up the latest Marvel Comics and anything else that looked interesting (a new Carl Barks was always nice, too), but there had already been one issue of Herbie and I was overjoyed to find yet another. A new issue of Herbie was a welcome distraction from the personal turbulence in my life. If only my problems had been as simple as tracking down and finding my favorite lollipop!

From Herbie #2 (1964):

Jeff Overturf has posted a lot more stories from Herbie on his blog, Inside Jeff Overturf's Head. Use the search engine in the upper left corner of the blog and you will be led to more joy than you can handle.


TheUUShadow said...

Herbie Popnecker shows just how surreal the 1960's were. I constantly regret that I missed most of them by being born in 1966.

Pappy said...

TheUUShadow, all I can tell you is I lived through the sixties and from my standpoint they were crazy, but then I went through my teen years in that decade. I believe any decade with your teen years is bound to be crazy.

Tedley said...

Here's a stupid question: while I like the Herbie character, wouldn't it be funnier if he did not speak? I thought his dialog (except for the Congressional Hearing) was disposable for the most part.

Thanks for a terrific blog!

Kirk said...

Hilarious as usual.