Friday, July 13, 2012

Number 1191: More Irv Spector's Lucky Duck

It's Friday the 13th today, and we need all the good luck we can get. So how about Lucky Duck?

In a prior post, Pappy's #1099, I showed the first of cartoonist/animator Irv Spector's stories from Lucky Duck #5 (actually #1) from 1952. Here are the balance of Spector’s pages from that issue.

Irv Spector fits into that category of true screwball cartoonists like Bill Holman (Smokey Stover). His panels are bursting with energy. His characters explode with action in the best traditions of the animated cartoons from whence he came.

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p spector said...

Hey Pappy, I must have missed this post. Yeah, Lucky Duck's first issue was #5, the first 4 were Muggy-Doo Boy Cat.
Thanks for keeping it all alive.
- Paul