Friday, December 23, 2011

Number 1075

The Great Tubbo

In this John Stanley story from Tubby #9, 1954, Tubby invites Gloria to go with him to see a stage hypnotist. He gets to the ticket office before he realizes he has no money. A normally smart boy, his enthusiasm for a date with Gloria has temporarily rendered him stupid.

Well, girls have been known to do that to guys. I've mentioned before that Tubby lives in much the same fantasy-state my head was in when I was that age. Such was John Stanley's genius I found reading Tubby's exploits to be more like channeling my own life. Maybe other kids felt the same. A big difference between Tubby and me is I didn't have those little men from Mars to help me out of a jam.

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Kirk said...

Amusing story. Love that magician's name.