Sunday, December 11, 2011

Number 1068

The end of the world!

A scientist denied the love of a selfish, gold-digging woman decides to end it all...and take us all with him by plunging the earth into the sun. I remember when losing a girlfriend made me feel like it was the end of the world, but luckily wasn't able to go to such extremes to prove it.

There's a message at the end of this tale from Atlas Comics' Venus #11, from 1950, and that's if a woman suddenly attains great beauty she can be loved. It isn't enough just to be there for a man, willing to do anything for him, she's got to be a babe, too.

All right, it's just a comic book, and true to form, Venus, the Goddess of Love, brings the lovers together and averts the crisis, saving the earth and all of us in twelve pages. This melodrama is well drawn by Werner Roth.

I showed another tale of Venus in Pappy's #997.

Marvel Masterworks has reprints of the first nine issues of this title, if you're still shopping for a Christmas gift for the Golden Age comics fan in your life, or yourself.


Daniel [] said...


Kirk said...

Men seldom make passes at girls who wear glasses...apparently not even in the face of overwhelming destruction.

Darci said...

Following up on Kirk's obervation, I thought Maria would take off her glasses, shake loose her hair, and be revealed as a dish who would attract Michael. It took a bit more work by Venus and her handmaidens, apparently.

BTW, Maria Storm? Any relation to Chili or Susan?