Monday, October 11, 2010

Number 823

Freddy's Friend by Bill Everett

Freddy's "friend" is the robot, Tabor.

Tabor showed up unannounced on Freddy Walker's doorstep, and Freddy's wife let him in. Hah! So who else is Mrs. Walker "letting in" while Freddy's at work? The milkman, mailman, gas meter reader, Fuller Brush man, other robots...? I digress.

As is usual in a horror comic, Freddy gets greedy and has some justice visited upon him. It's the manner in which it's done that is creative, inventive, totally stupid. But this is a comic book, and stupid plot devices are nothing new to us comic book readers. We like the creative, inventive stuff, the stupid we tolerate.

From Marvel Tales #104, 1951, illustrated by Bill Everett:


Mark said...

fun comics =)

john said...

My only complaint about this post was that you didn't write "illustrated by Bill Everett!"

He was so amazing. His style was suitable to tell any story; comedy, drama, sci-fi, horror, romance, crime, adventure, anything! He and Syd Shores were woefully underrated.

Chuck Wells said...

This is good stuff, Pappy!

Pappy said...

John, I took what you said to heart and added Everett's name to the title of my posting. I agree with you that Everett should be shown more, and to that end in months to come I have more stories by B.E.

john said...

Well, I was half-joking about that exclamation point, but I'm glad it led to a little higher visibility of Everett's name. That was really nice of you, and certainly I meant no offense. You do great work here keeping his name in the rotation.

Thanks, Pap.

Pappy said...

No offense meant and none taken, John. I'm an Everett fan, too, but wasn't really focusing on his artwork, which is always great. I just assume fellow Everett admirers understand that. My focus was on the outrageous story.

I think Everett had a lot of fun drawing this story and it shows.